JQ2GYU and JJ2VLY joined


The Layang Layang Island


on Mar. 15 - 19, 2007

(Special thanks to the team members, espccialy for 9M2TO, 9M2CF, and JE1CKA.)

9M4SDX is approved for DXCC credit

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9M4SDX heard in Mt. Fuji, JAPAN

Flight to Layang Layang from Kota Kinabal

The Layang Layang Resort

The antennas for 9M4SDX

The Team2 starts QRV

JJ2VLY QSO with her son, JE1PGS/2

JQ2GYU QSO with Europe

9M4SDX announces QRT and 73 to the world

The Team2 Party at the Chinese Sea Food Restaurant in Kota Kinabal

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(Special thanks to JA1OCZ & JK1FNL)


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